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Our most rented machines: the Yanmar SV08

This month we’ve looked at a couple fairly large pieces of equipment.  We thought we would end the in-between (as Spring struggles to defeat Winter) month of April by talking about a very popular compact excavator, the Yanmar SV08.  Here in Monticello we’ve been hoping for the breakout to 70 degrees and that didn’t happen very often in April but in May we are looking forward to blue skies.  Great weather often means people are excited about doing great projects and we want to help you understand the possibilities you have available to you.

The “SV” in Yanmar’s designation means “ultra-tight turning.”  This means the front and rear turning radius is very minimal.  Why would this matter to you?  You might have a tight work site and hence not a lot of room to maneuver.  This can include indoor renovation, pipe laying, landscaping, and housing foundations.  You could also possibly have to move through some tight spaces to get to your work site (you can narrow to 2’ 3” to get through a space and widen to 2’ 9” for more stability as you work).

The SV08 isn’t just adjustable in track width.  It can also adapt to different inclines.  The variable undercarriage allows for the right and left tracks to lower and raise independently so as to correct the SV08’s angle on steps or slopes.

It’s not just compact in size and operation, it’s also “compact” in the demands it makes on the operator.    It has a great seat with a retractable seat belt, a footrest, lever controls that respond well, and uncomplicated levers.  There’s a 2-way controller pattern so that the operator can easily change the lever pattern (from backhoe to excavator functionality) to what he/she prefers for efficiency.

As with all Yanmar products, the hydraulic hoses and Boom cylinder are covered for protection, but additionally, the hoses are housed under the cylinders as well.

We know that some of our readers are very much into “just the facts,” so we will share a few of those as well.  It has a water cooled 2-cylinder diesel engine with a 10.3HP output.  It’s got a digging force of 2360 lb for the bucket, 1390 lb on the arm.  It’s not a speedster at 1.1 mph traveling speed, but given the purpose of use for a compact work site, you won’t be in a hurry anyway!  It has a swing speed of 9 rpm and fuel tank capacity of 2.6 gallons.  At an overall weight of 2,348 lbs, it probably isn’t heavier than your car.

This is the smallest compact excavator in Yanmar’s line and if you have any questions about the SV08 or about any Yanmar products, please feel free to give us a call (so we can share some (always free) advice!


Our most rented machines: The Yanmar CBL40

Everyday when we take calls from customers we spend most of our time talking about a job or task that has to be done.  Often people will ask for a specific piece of equipment – but that’s not the whole story.  We always follow up with questions because we want to know about what you’re specifically doing so we can offer you the best machine for your job – which is sometimes different from what you’ve heard about.

One of the machines that we often recommend is the Yanmar CBL40.  The main reason is its versatility.

When the CBL40 came out almost 6 years ago it was different in a number of ways.  It wasn’t a farm or utility tractor that Yanmar had just hung a backhoe and loader on.  It had a one-piece frame, huge pin diameters on the loader and backhoe and beefy pillow blocks, a swivel seat so that using the backhoe was seamless, and a one shift lever for low/high range, as well as one for 2/4WD.  Also the hydraulic system of the CBL40 allowed the user to have a constant speed for the digging arm even if another function was engaged.  It was then, and is now, an easy-to-use machine for the novice or the expert user.

Now, the experts might want some stats, so to that end, let us give some to you.  It has a 3-cylinder, turbo-charged engine with a net HP of 35.4.  It’s got a fuel tank for 16.4 gallons and a ground clearance of 1’1.  It’s also got a curb turning radius, without brakes, of 118”.  That last feature speaks to a constant refrain about the CBL40: driveability.

In addition to that driveability – the ability to maneuver well and quickly on any site – the CBL40 also has a good dump height and reach.  That can be really important when you want to easily put loads right in the center of your truck.

For those of you who just need something to help you with some things in your backyard, this machine is perfect for digging holes for electrical lines or drainage, or pulling out the roots of tree stumps, or any other project you can dream up and do…safely!

Whatever your task might be, you’ll always have our unique pricing proposition: rental by the day, not by the hour.  You only pay for the number of days that you have our equipment and you can run it as little or as much as you want.  While this obviously makes things easier for us to keep track of here in the office, we find that our customers also enjoy the simplicity and how it helps them plan and track their own costs.  With all the other moving parts of a given job you are trying to accomplish, we like to be the easy, predictable part of your process.