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Our most rented machines: the John Deere 160C excavator

One of our earliest blog articles was on the John Deere 200D excavator.  That is a big tough machines for serious jobs.  If you don’t need something that serious, but a backhoe isn’t going to get the job done, then the C-series from John Deere is right for you.  Despite being small they are very productive and have that “big machine feel.”
The C-series comes with the PowerTech engines, heavy-duty cooling systems, reinforced booms, and user-friendly (and comfortable!) operator stations.  Today I’m going to focus on those engines and cooling systems as well as the operator stations.  As someone renting from us those are probably your primary concerns, as we will take care of all the maintenance for you, and you probably already know the legendary reliability of John Deere, even if you haven’t experienced it for yourself.
john deere 160c monticello rental center
Inside the 160C is John Deere’s exclusive Powerwize II engine.  Its hydraulic management system balances hydraulic pressure and flow.  This helps to save fuel, maximize engine output, and enable multi-function operation with no hiccups.
The engine itself is charge-air cooled which improves fuel economy and engine durability while being “green” by reducing emissions.  How exactly, ask my construction junkies.  Fair enough.  There’s wide fin spacing in the cooling system which allows trash to pass through the cores.  But there’s also a removable trash screen to eliminate plugging.  The top and bottom tanks of the heavy duty cooling system are heavy wall extrusions that are TIG welded to the core so they will be long lasting and durable.
Did we mention the hybrid steel-and-plastic fan?  It has an airfoil-blade design which leads to better cooling performance using less horsepower.  It also runs quieter, which is never a bad thing when you’re out on a project.
Operator Stations
Inside the cab you will see a diagnostic display unit which allows techs to read diagnostic codes (fuel pressure, coolant temperature, manifold temperature) so there is no mystery if something does go wrong.
The operator station itself sits on six silicon fluid-filled elastic mounts.  These take the shock out of the cab and allow the operator to sit back and relax.  While doing so you realize that there’s adjustable lumbar support!  My car doesn’t even have that!  Look up and you’ll see a smoke-tinted sunroof hatch that allows you to have an eye on the sky during your jobs and there’s a retractable shade for when the glare gets too bad.  Charge your phone with our 12-volt phone jack, put your drink in our oversized cup holder, and keep the next beverage in our beverage cooler.
There’s a lot of glass surrounding the operator, which makes for great sight lines in almost every direction (it’s described by many as “panoramic visibility”).  If it gets muddy the wiper blade cleans 25 percent more of your viewing area before tucking out of sight.  There are also adjustable vents everywhere which makes the “blend air” climate control system a dream to operate.

Three Reasons we deal in STIHL


Different companies carry different brands for all kinds of reasons.  In our particular industry if our products don’t work there are major consequences: deadlines aren’t met, events don’t come together, and projects don’t get finished.

A big part of renting heavy equipment is making sure that you’re renting from someone who keeps his/her inventory in good repair.  But even more important than that is renting equipment from a brand which is high quality in the first place.  There is a lot of truth to the old adage, “you get what you pay for.”  That class, that quality, is how we feel about STIHL and we would like to take a few minutes today to tell you why we are proud to sell, repair, and rent out their equipment (and have been from the first day we opened our doors for business).

1.  We service what we sell.  As is the case with all STIHL dealers, if you buy from us, you can get service from us.  And we stock many parts (or can get them for you) if you want to service or maintain your equipment yourself.  You don’t have to worry about finding and developing a repair relationship apart from the place where you bought your equipment to start.  STIHL doesn’t just offer their products to anyone.  Each firm who wants to sell STIHL has to go through a screening process.  You can have the confidence that whether you come to the Rental Center of Monticello or any other STIHL dealer, you’re going to get the convenience of service at the point of sale.

2.  We are technical experts and are there to give you face-to-face customer service.  We know that not every customer who comes to us is an expert on a particular machine or even heavy equipment in general.  We can help everyone – from the novice to the expert – pick out the right equipment for his/her needs – be it for a long-term purchase a or a short-term rental.  STIHL ensures that its dealers deliver this level of service and expertise.  We won’t talk down to you or expect you to buy from us just because we’re talking.  We love what we do and are happy to talk about our products and what they can do for you.  Our most important value is listening to what you have to say so we can help you get the tool/equipment that will accomplish your task.

3.  We stand behind our products through a tradition of providing the best.  STIHL has been around since 1974 and while we can’t claim to have been around that long (we’ve been in business roughly half that time) we bring the same philosophy to work every day: offer the best products with competent and professional customer service so that people can TRUST in our products (and service).  We know that this philosophy will keep people coming back and instead of getting a customer for a day we can develop a client for life.

We’re proud to be your STIHL dealer in Monticello, NY, and look forward to helping you with any sales, service, or rental needs you might have!

Our most rented machines: the Yanmar SV08

This month we’ve looked at a couple fairly large pieces of equipment.  We thought we would end the in-between (as Spring struggles to defeat Winter) month of April by talking about a very popular compact excavator, the Yanmar SV08.  Here in Monticello we’ve been hoping for the breakout to 70 degrees and that didn’t happen very often in April but in May we are looking forward to blue skies.  Great weather often means people are excited about doing great projects and we want to help you understand the possibilities you have available to you.

The “SV” in Yanmar’s designation means “ultra-tight turning.”  This means the front and rear turning radius is very minimal.  Why would this matter to you?  You might have a tight work site and hence not a lot of room to maneuver.  This can include indoor renovation, pipe laying, landscaping, and housing foundations.  You could also possibly have to move through some tight spaces to get to your work site (you can narrow to 2’ 3” to get through a space and widen to 2’ 9” for more stability as you work).

The SV08 isn’t just adjustable in track width.  It can also adapt to different inclines.  The variable undercarriage allows for the right and left tracks to lower and raise independently so as to correct the SV08’s angle on steps or slopes.

It’s not just compact in size and operation, it’s also “compact” in the demands it makes on the operator.    It has a great seat with a retractable seat belt, a footrest, lever controls that respond well, and uncomplicated levers.  There’s a 2-way controller pattern so that the operator can easily change the lever pattern (from backhoe to excavator functionality) to what he/she prefers for efficiency.

As with all Yanmar products, the hydraulic hoses and Boom cylinder are covered for protection, but additionally, the hoses are housed under the cylinders as well.

We know that some of our readers are very much into “just the facts,” so we will share a few of those as well.  It has a water cooled 2-cylinder diesel engine with a 10.3HP output.  It’s got a digging force of 2360 lb for the bucket, 1390 lb on the arm.  It’s not a speedster at 1.1 mph traveling speed, but given the purpose of use for a compact work site, you won’t be in a hurry anyway!  It has a swing speed of 9 rpm and fuel tank capacity of 2.6 gallons.  At an overall weight of 2,348 lbs, it probably isn’t heavier than your car.

This is the smallest compact excavator in Yanmar’s line and if you have any questions about the SV08 or about any Yanmar products, please feel free to give us a call (so we can share some (always free) advice!

Heavy Equipment: Buy or Rent?

Some things have always made sense as business models.  Renting movies, for one.  It made sense in the days of VHS and Laserdisc, it made sense in the days of Blockbuster Video, and it makes sense today, in the era dominated by Redbox and Netflix and streaming options.  Part of why this makes sense is because you only “use” the video for a short time, and then may not want to use it soon after, if ever again.  This is perhaps the first and most obvious reason people rent equipment from us.

Just getting the job done

They have a specific job they need to do they might need a highly specialized piece of equipment to do it.  Typically that equipment will be expensive and have certain maintenance responsibilities, and unless you are using it often in order to pay off the capital expense of the purchase, you run the risk of having a life-size toy sitting idle somewhere on your property.  Renting removes those concerns.  No maintenance, no storage, and no large capital expense.  In some places you’ll have property taxes and insurance concerns above and beyond those expenses!

Moreover, unlike other equipment rental centers that charge by the day AND by hourly usage, we just charge you for the day and don’t care about your hourly usage.  We know you just need to get the job done so we make the billing part of that simple for you.

Try before you buy

Let’s say that you are considering buying an excavator or a backhoe.  These are expensive propositions.  Renting can provide a great opportunity to try before you buy.  Deciding between two different models or two different brands?  You can try the equipment out for the job you are trying to do and if you still feel like you want to purchase, you can do so.  Your capital has to be spent smartly and part of that smart spend is taking the time to actually use the machines in the situations you are planning to use them in, instead of just guessing based on spec sheets you pick up on the internet.

A Yanmar mini-excavator

No upgrade angst

Machinery, like all other parts of our technical world, is constantly being updated.  There’s nothing worse than spending a large amount of money on a great piece of equipment only to see an even better piece of equipment come out for the same price or later months or even a year later.  With renting you can always get access to relatively new equipment.

Everyone’s situation is different, but unless you are a contractor who will use the equipment very frequently for a number of months – hopefully in situations that will either make you money or be worth money to you – renting is always your best option.  Our equipment costs money but our advice about what makes sense for your given job is free.  Give us a call at 845.794.0100.

Our most rented machines: The Yanmar CBL40

Everyday when we take calls from customers we spend most of our time talking about a job or task that has to be done.  Often people will ask for a specific piece of equipment – but that’s not the whole story.  We always follow up with questions because we want to know about what you’re specifically doing so we can offer you the best machine for your job – which is sometimes different from what you’ve heard about.

One of the machines that we often recommend is the Yanmar CBL40.  The main reason is its versatility.

When the CBL40 came out almost 6 years ago it was different in a number of ways.  It wasn’t a farm or utility tractor that Yanmar had just hung a backhoe and loader on.  It had a one-piece frame, huge pin diameters on the loader and backhoe and beefy pillow blocks, a swivel seat so that using the backhoe was seamless, and a one shift lever for low/high range, as well as one for 2/4WD.  Also the hydraulic system of the CBL40 allowed the user to have a constant speed for the digging arm even if another function was engaged.  It was then, and is now, an easy-to-use machine for the novice or the expert user.

Now, the experts might want some stats, so to that end, let us give some to you.  It has a 3-cylinder, turbo-charged engine with a net HP of 35.4.  It’s got a fuel tank for 16.4 gallons and a ground clearance of 1’1.  It’s also got a curb turning radius, without brakes, of 118”.  That last feature speaks to a constant refrain about the CBL40: driveability.

In addition to that driveability – the ability to maneuver well and quickly on any site – the CBL40 also has a good dump height and reach.  That can be really important when you want to easily put loads right in the center of your truck.

For those of you who just need something to help you with some things in your backyard, this machine is perfect for digging holes for electrical lines or drainage, or pulling out the roots of tree stumps, or any other project you can dream up and do…safely!

Whatever your task might be, you’ll always have our unique pricing proposition: rental by the day, not by the hour.  You only pay for the number of days that you have our equipment and you can run it as little or as much as you want.  While this obviously makes things easier for us to keep track of here in the office, we find that our customers also enjoy the simplicity and how it helps them plan and track their own costs.  With all the other moving parts of a given job you are trying to accomplish, we like to be the easy, predictable part of your process.