Historical Husqvarna

One of the things I enjoy about our business is getting to know the stories behind the companies and products we use.  While we use plenty of Husqvarna products here at the Rental Center, Sweden (the home of Husqvarna) is not anywhere close to Monticello, NY.

As early as 1680, Huskvarna, a small town in Sweden, was home to a manufacturer of rifles.  This company supplied not just the Swedish, but also the Norwegian army, with rifles.  As time went on, however, the company moved on to sewing machines and bicycles and diversified out of weapons.  The Husqvarna we know today makes a lot of products and they use the older form of the Swedish name that has a “q” not a “k” in it.

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Husqvarna today is the largest producer of outdoor power products in the world!  They make garden tractors, chainsaws, trimmers, and even robotic lawn mowers.  Consumers and businesses in over 100 countries use their products.  Their stated mission is simple yet ambitious: “We provide innovative quality products and solutions to make garden, park and forest care as well as construction easier for professionals and consumers around the world.”

Often our customers rent our products with a specific project in mind that will be completed for a specific purpose and across a set amount of time.  Husqvarna takes a longer view of its products and their usefulness.  Their vision is: “We envision a world where people can enjoy well maintained gardens, parks and forests and experience refined buildings and roads.”  That’s not a one time project.  That’s an ongoing task and it assumes quality products and manufacturing so that you can rely on your tools and not worry about them breaking down.

We are a full-line Husqvarna dealer and carry all of their products for rental.  As always – if we can help answer your questions about equipment rental in general or about Husqvarna specifically, drop us a line.  We are proud to be your Husqvarna dealer in Monticello, New York.


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