Heavy Equipment: Buy or Rent?

Some things have always made sense as business models.  Renting movies, for one.  It made sense in the days of VHS and Laserdisc, it made sense in the days of Blockbuster Video, and it makes sense today, in the era dominated by Redbox and Netflix and streaming options.  Part of why this makes sense is because you only “use” the video for a short time, and then may not want to use it soon after, if ever again.  This is perhaps the first and most obvious reason people rent equipment from us.

Just getting the job done

They have a specific job they need to do they might need a highly specialized piece of equipment to do it.  Typically that equipment will be expensive and have certain maintenance responsibilities, and unless you are using it often in order to pay off the capital expense of the purchase, you run the risk of having a life-size toy sitting idle somewhere on your property.  Renting removes those concerns.  No maintenance, no storage, and no large capital expense.  In some places you’ll have property taxes and insurance concerns above and beyond those expenses!

Moreover, unlike other equipment rental centers that charge by the day AND by hourly usage, we just charge you for the day and don’t care about your hourly usage.  We know you just need to get the job done so we make the billing part of that simple for you.

Try before you buy

Let’s say that you are considering buying an excavator or a backhoe.  These are expensive propositions.  Renting can provide a great opportunity to try before you buy.  Deciding between two different models or two different brands?  You can try the equipment out for the job you are trying to do and if you still feel like you want to purchase, you can do so.  Your capital has to be spent smartly and part of that smart spend is taking the time to actually use the machines in the situations you are planning to use them in, instead of just guessing based on spec sheets you pick up on the internet.

A Yanmar mini-excavator

No upgrade angst

Machinery, like all other parts of our technical world, is constantly being updated.  There’s nothing worse than spending a large amount of money on a great piece of equipment only to see an even better piece of equipment come out for the same price or later months or even a year later.  With renting you can always get access to relatively new equipment.

Everyone’s situation is different, but unless you are a contractor who will use the equipment very frequently for a number of months – hopefully in situations that will either make you money or be worth money to you – renting is always your best option.  Our equipment costs money but our advice about what makes sense for your given job is free.  Give us a call at 845.794.0100.


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